Sternenklang IV

Sternenklang II
9. February 2022
Romance lyrique
9. February 2022

Rein aus Liebe

The fifth element, without which the others can never link together – that mysterious power that stands at the centre of the Sternenklänge like the little red star in the middle of the pentagram. Through it, music and poetry form unusual constellations, and pieces of music go together although separated by vast gaps of time, because time stands still for a moment. Such phases of calm are always somewhat reminiscent of the Advent and Christmas seasons and the start of the next cycle. So Julia Arsentjeva performs Schubert’s Frühlingsglaube to open the fourth Sternenklang, which creates an atmosphere of peaceful and spiritual expectancy from beginning to end in an arioso-like compilation of spoken, sung and instrumental »words«

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The music

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Bist du bei mir • Pastorale F-dur
Franz Schubert:
Frühlingsglaube • Ave Maria
Robert Schumann:
César Franck:
Panis angelicus
Edward Elgar:
... und einiges mehr
T.T.: 48'57
Mozartiana Classics 015/15 (2015)

The artists

Julia Arsentjeva, soprano
Margit-Anna Süß, harp
Matthias Michael Beckmann, cello
Alexander Fussek, recitation
Poems by Peter Daniell Porsche