Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Claude Debussy · Maurice Ravel
18. April 2022
French Music for Harp solo
20. February 2022

The less than everyday Mozart

The programme of this CD, dating from the early 1990s, with which the Ensemble Wien-Berlin delightfully demonstrated that it consisted of top-quality players throughout, is made up of four works from the pen of the inexhaustible Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that are seldom if ever performed. The child prodigy from Salzburg certainly did come up with a wealth of material: a sonata for cello and bassoon here, a trio for piano, clarinet and viola there, or a divertimento for two violins, viola, double bass, oboe and two horns, for which he came up with the ideal combination; he also understood how to write for even the rarest instruments - for instance the glass harmonica, for which, in the final year of his life, he composed his very last piece of chamber music, the Adagio and Rondo K617. The Ensemble Wien-Berlin has replaced the glass harmonica with the harp, which feels very much at home among colleagues with its blend of crystal clarity and inner warmth.

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1 Trio for piano, clarinet and viola K.498 (»Kegelstatt-Trio«)

2 Adagio and Rondo for harp (glass harmonica), flute, oboe, viola and cello K.617

3 Sonata (Duo) for bassoon and cello K.292

4 Divertimento for 2 violins, viola, bass, oboe and 2 horns K.251

T.T.: 76'29
DGG 431 2782-2


James Levine, piano
Ensemble Wien-Berlin
Wolfgang Schulz, flute
Hansjörg Schellenberger, oboe
Karl Leister, clarinet
Milan Turkovic, bassoon
Günter Högner, horn I
Willibald Janezic, horn II
Margit-Anna Süß, harp
Gerhart Hetzel, violin I
Josef Hell, violin II
Wolfram Christ, viola
Georg Faust, cello
Alois Posch, contrabass