Mozart and the music of peasants

Benjamin Britten
15. February 2022
Musique à Versailles
13. February 2022

Mozart and the music of peasants

This intimate, private production brings together, both entertainingly and enlighteningly, two musical spheres which did not go their separate ways until the late 19th and early 20th century, but then drifted as far apart as South America and Africa. Mozart’s music in peasant style reminds us, with this hour-long collection of little dances, that at the time of Figaro and Don Giovanni there was no strict divide between serious and popular music. This is shown by the existence of a wealth of melodies by serious composers that have become popular, and exemplified equally by the proliferation of popular tunes that surface in works by classical composers.

Margit-Anna Süss and Klaus Stoll, formerly principal double bass in the Berlin Philharmonic, have taken this exchange across the customary dividing line between the two worlds and in the process revealed astonishing links and affinities.

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Margit-Anna Süß, Folk harp
Klaus Stoll, Bass fiddle