Süss Solo: Zeitenwandel

Süss solo: Franz Schubert
19. February 2022
Martin . Lutoslawski . Ibert: Concertante
18. February 2022

Süss Solo: Change of Times

Margit-Anna Süss describes her musical overview across the centuries as follows: “I want to show what music had to say in the different epochs and how it can be adapted to suit the harp. For the sake of greater contrasts, I have intentionally avoided keeping to chronological order: Johann Sebastian Bach follows Louis Spohr, Joseph Haydn comes between Bach and Peter Michael Hamel (born 1947) – and Paul Hindemith closes the ‘changing times’ with his poetical sonata. I have not only recorded pieces originally written for harp; my priority in making my selection was intrinsic musical value. The trend nowadays is not to go for complete works but to pick out isolated sections or movements, like chocolates with a particular filling made to suit individual tastes, thus avoiding demanding too much of the listener but just putting him in a relaxed mood by means of ‘background music’. In contrast, my solo album consists of complete works ranging from baroque to post-modern, to which he will be happy to give his full attention.”

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